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Tourism Mobile apps help users for planning travel, accommodation bookings, ticket bookings, cab booking, route mapping, and more. However, these are just the basic uses of tourism mobile apps, and more tourist services can be delivered like:

  • Navigation – GPS services, route planning, and maps
  • Social – Travel updates, reviews, picture galleries, free communication, etc.
  • Mobile Marketing – Contests, discounts, and offer alerts
  • Security – Medical, Emergency calling & Information about local & international health agencies
  • E-commerce – Ticket booking, overseas banking, reservations, shopping

Solutions for Tourism

Tour Planner

In fact, the tourism industry is using apps to reach the next level of user engagement and market penetration. Several new trends and tech factors will shape the future of tourism mobile application. For example, cab aggregation has captured the tourists’ imagination. Ridesharing is a prevalent phenomenon. Tourists are also opting for cashless options as a safer means to travel.


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